I am often asked for a recommended ‘good bitcoin setup’. This is what I currently recommend. Also see Secure & sovereign Bitcoin in 25 Easy steps:

Core Setup

  1. Find old laptop & Buy 1TB SSD
  2. Install Linux (wipe old data) with disk encryption
  3. Set strong laptop password
  4. Install bitcoin core & start sync
  5. Install specter desktop
  6. Create wallet through specter and backup seed
  7. Send a test amount of bitcoin to the wallet, delete the wallet and recover from backup

+ Mobile & More Mixing

  1. Buy the ronin dojo hardware
  2. Setup the ronin dojo using the guide
  3. Download Samourai Wallet
  4. Pair your wallet to your ronin dojo by scanning the QR Code
  5. Store your seed & passphrase
  6. Buy BTC and receive it to whirlpool
  7. Mix & leave mixing
  8. Spend from Samourai Wallet post-mix

+ Hardware Wallet

  1. Buy a coldcard from the manufacturer
  2. Ship to non-home address
  3. Pay with mixed coins from samourai wallet
  4. Setup hardware wallet using specter
  5. Check backup
  6. Send coins to your coldcard for long term cold storage