It all started with this tweet.


I agreed completely, I am passionate about bitcoin, not scam altcoins which waste time, money and provide an additional attack surface for any product / service which dabbles with them.

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a website which lists only bitcoin only projects!

That day I built

Since then the project has grown significantly and now tracks a wide range of bitcoin tools, products, events and services.


229 Days after launching I moved the project to a dedicated GitHub repo and made it OpenSource under the MIT Lisence.

This had always been a long term goal, and I was delighted to finally be able to accept pull requests directly. Within minutes of announcing the news on twitter I had merged a pull request!

Going forwards this will allow the site to grow at a faster rate, with supporters of the project being able to contribute directly, rather than through DM’s & emails.

The current workflow is as follows;

  • Those proposing additions/alterations to the project open an issue or make a pull request
  • If it is a pull request I review it and merge it if it meets the requirements
  • If it is an issue someone (myself unless someone else beats me to it) opens a pull request which is then assessed.