Source: VRbitcoin telegram messages by Udi Wertheimer

A VRbitcoin presentation


Meetups are held either using VRChat or Altspace.

Join the Telegram Channel to get notified of events.


You don’t need a VR Headset (You can access with just a PC), but if you want one these are some popular options;

  • Oculus Quest: a good all-rounder. Costs $399 (but currently out of stock everywhere) and can be used without a PC which makes it very attractive. You don’t need anything else to use it. Keep in mind Oculus is owned by Facebook, some people will not like that. There’s a way to connect the Quest to a PC for improved performance, but that feature is in beta. Google for “Oculus Link” for more details

  • Oculus Rift S: This one requires a PC (so do all of the rest below). It means you need a good gaming PC (see requirements), and you’ll have a cable running from your headset to the PC, but you get better graphics and performance than the Quest. The Rift S doesn’t require any external sensors. Seems to be in stock, $399. Also owned by Facebook

  • HTC Vive: Requires a PC. Works with SteamVR. Requires external sensors that you have to install in your room, the upside is that tracking performance is really good. I’m not sure it’s still being made officially, but you can probably find units at fair prices. There’s also HTC Vive Pro but it’s really expensive and generally considered to be a bad deal for consumers

  • Valve Index: Requires a PC. Works with SteamVR. Requires external sensors like the HTC Vive. This is the Lambo of VR. Best tracking, best visuals, best refresh rates, best controllers, best everything. It’s priced accordingly at ~$1,000 USD. You can only buy it through Steam, and it’s currently out of stock. Should be back in stock at some point but will probably take at least a month if not more.

  • Windows Mixed Reality: lots of different models, I don’t know much about them, except that they don’t require external sensors, and while quality isn’t amazing, they’re relatively cheap. You should check out reviews if you’re looking for something with a lower price, there might be some good deals here

VRChat Meetups

Download the VRChat app and sign up.

Use a VR headset if you have one (see below if not), but you can join with a PC even if you don’t own a headset! Just download on Steam and launch the app, then use your keyboard and mouse.

Currently joining the meetup requires a one time setup involving befriending udiWertheimer a few hours or days before the event:

  1. Download VRChat and sign up
  2. Fill the Google registration form
  3. Send a friend request on VRChat to udiWertheimer

When the event starts:

  1. open the VRChat menu
  2. click SOCIAL
  3. click udiWertheimer under “online friends”
  4. click JOIN

Video Guide

Click the below image to watch the video.