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Project NameDescription
Bitcoin-Only.comResources. Read More
Bitcoin-Intro.comLearning. Read More
txCast.orgBreak Timing Analysis. Read Mode
BitcoinFixes.orgProblems Bitcoin Solves
Corporate CashBitcoin » ZuckBucks
6102bitcoin.comMy Blog


Project NameProject Description
The Bounty ThreadThe origin of CoinJoin
The ProposalsSummarizing each Implementation
Fee ComparisonComparing Coordinator Fees
Research RepoArchiving CoinJoin Work
CoinJoin OverviewCoinJoin Explained
Wasabi WalletFAQ for Wasabi
WhirlpoolFAQ for Whirlpool
FlaggingDo exchanges flag CoinJoin UTXO’s?
PayJoin NotesP2EP / PayJoin


001Bitcoin Taint
002Analysis Heuristics
003Proximity Blacklisting


Project NameProject Description
Hodl PrivacyAvoid Privacy Pitfalls
Bitcoin SeedDetailed Seed / Backup Explanation
OpenDimeHow to use an OpenDime
Bitcoin SoftforksCollecting Softfork Info
NodeNode FAQ
Selecting Node TypeHelp Selecting A Node
Digital PrivacyStay Private
6102 WargameExploring 6102 attack on bitcoin


Project NameProject Description
Bitcoin GuideA ‘good setup’
Instax Bitcoin QR codesQuick Analogue Backups
NATO WIF ToolConvert wif to NATO Words
QR Sketch AppIdea for sketching QR Codes
Sats IconA simple opensource sats logo
Secure BitcoinSecure & sovereign Bitcoin in 25 Easy Steps
Shamirs Secret QRIdea for Shamir to Meatspace
BIP47 TrackingWallets with PayNym Support
Bitcoin VR MeetupMeetup in Cyberspace
Build Samourai APKAvoid Play Store
xpub collision warningAvoid xpubs collision