It is very time consuming to hand sketch a qr code, though as we have previously shown it is possible, if you have approximately 1 hour to kill. I believe that there are occasions when it would be useful to be able to hand record a QR (more to come on this) - but unless it can be made an order of magnitude quicker (6 mins) it will never be used.

A simple idea for making sketching QR codes manually far easier. Simply split the 27x27 square grid into 9x9 squares, each square being composed of 3x3 smaller squares.


Use a phone app to display the 3x3 squares to be sketched, whilst also displaying the position of that square in the larger 9x9 grid and its coordinate (x,y).

Optional extra: Use a piece of card/plastic to reveal one square at a time.

QR Sketch App