Selecting Node Type

Evaluate below tables to determine which route seems most suitable given:

Route ARoute BRoute CRoute D
Time RequirementLowHighMid/HighLow
Setup DifficultyLowHighMidLow
RouteIdeal UserPositivesNegatives
ANon-technical BeginnerFree, Easy and QuickWhen your computer is off your node will not be running so when you do want to use it you will have to wait for it to sync.
BTechnical EnthusiastFreeRequires significant time to setup & is technologically difficult if you have not used linux before.
CLess Technical EnthusiastReasonably low cost & quickRequires some time to setup though typically guides specify hardware making setup as simple as following instructions precisely.
DAnyone who can comfortably afford this optionQuick and EasyHigh cost compared to alternatives

Route A: Bitcoin-Core on your day to day computer

  • Download NodeLauncher, a simple program to help you install bitcoin core.

Route B: Bitcoin-core on an available always-on computer

Route C: Build a standalone node

Route D: Buy a pre-built standalone node