Initial Idea

I expect that there is a chance that hand drawing QR codes might be an important tool for the bitcoiner of the future.

Shamir’s secret sharing will be an incredibly important tool in the next few years. Splitting your private key using sss means that you can have strong guarantees of salvage when you need to retrieve your funds. Furthermore, by nesting sss schemes you can add further redundancy.

The obvious problem is how to get the shamir’s secret’s off the computer and onto something in meatspace.

Mnemonics are good because they are redundant - the first 4 characters are the only ones that matter and it’s often easy to figure out what they are meant to be by looking at the whole word if a letter is smudged. That said, I don’t think it will be easy to have mnemonics with sss (though I could very well be wrong).

If I am right, we will need to have an easy way to get data from the computer into meatspace and I think that this could be one easy way to do that with high reliability. We humans are very good at pattern recognition and can easily check this kind of thing with very little effort

That is why I am interested in something that makes sketching QR codes far quicker and easier - I have had one idea so far.